Astrological Consultations

Astrology is not a science. It is an ancient form of divination, a poetic way of symbolic thinking, similar to the Greek goddess Metis and her "cunning intelligence".

What can astrology do for your company?

1. Awareness. Through your company's horoscope, linked to your own, astrology can make you aware of your company's strengths and weaknesses, and reveal its true spirit.

2. Confirmation. Astrology can confirm an instinct or intuition, and assess the timeliness of your actions - when to sow, when to reap.

3. Create meaning. Symbolic thinking with astrology reminds us of the 'what-for' of our whole endeavour.

4. Problem Solving. Astrology evokes lateral thinking and reveals connections we wouldn't otherwise make.

5. Poetry and Fun. Symbols open us to poetry and imagination. They're also fun.

6. Astrology predicts the line of good fortune. It helps us to find the line of good fortune in practical matters and complex human relations.

Private consultations in London or Kent, or by phone:
Analysis of Company horoscope, plus horoscopes of relevant personnel, as required.

Presentation directly to your company:
Zodiac Team Work Seminar
Based on the twelve starsigns, this seminar explores the diverse qualities and talents in any team or department, and aims to encourage good working relationships amongst colleagues. (20 people max in any one group).

Presentation for special event - details

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