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Maggie Hyde

I read English at the University of Ulster and worked in Adult Education in London where I was responsible for developing a range of New Age subjects including complementary medicine, astrology, Buddhism and the I Ching. In 1984, I co-founded the Company of Astrologers, a London based teaching body, and was its director from 1983 to 1999.

Since 1988 I have been involved in pop astrology, writing columns and promotional booklets for teenage and women's magazines, including Cosmopolitan (1996 - 1999). I am currently the astrologer for the business section of the Sunday Observer, writing a short piece on Company Futures.

I am skilled at 'instant' horoscope and Tarot readings, working at festivals, social functions and events such as the Brit Awards. I have worked for several PR companies, using astrology to promote specific products. I am currently developing astrology seminars for the business environment.

My consultancy work has led to an interest in psychoanalytic thought. I have been influenced mainly by the existential psychology of the Philadelphia Association and became an associate member in 1999. My interest in Jung is based on his work on synchronicity and the book "Jung and Astrology", written for astrologers, deals extensively with these themes. My book "Jung for Beginners" was the first new book in the highly successful Icon Beginners cartoon series. I live on the north Kent coast and continue to run a London based consultancy.


Jung And Astrology
Aquarian, 1992. First U.S. distribution August 1997.

Jung For Beginners
Icon, 1992. Best selling comic documentary. Available in 10 languages.

Astrology For Beginners
Icon, 1995. Co-authored with Geoffrey Cornelius. Available in 6 languages.

Your Star Sign And You
Bloomsbury Childrens Books 1997. Co-authored with Pat Blackett.

The Zodiac Dictionary
Bloomsbury Childrens Books 1998.

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