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1 October 2001


Fish out of water

Like many Pisceans, Prince Edward is impressionable, lacking
firm boundaries, and in need of something or someone to be
an anchor - his Scorpio brother Charles could be the answer

We're all sent into this life for a purpose, but some of us just never seem to work out what it is. Finding your calling isn't easy if you happen to be seventh in line to the throne and don't have to strive to survive, and it is even more problematic if, like Prince Edward, you are also a watery, go-with-the-flow Pisces (March 10 1964).

For every sign there is a primitive and an evolved side, but unfortunately for the royal family, Edward's career so far seems to have manifested the more regressive aspects of his horoscope: "the primitive Piscarian is almost invariably a burden and anxiety to his friends. lacking the spur of worldly ambition, and even, sometimes, the rudimentary desire to be self-supporting and independent. He drifts aimlessly through life, always waiting vaguely for the prompter and incapable of using his discrimination when the prompt comes" (Isabelle Pagan, From Pioneer To Poet).

Edward's dubious attempts to be self-supporting have got him nowhere. The recent fiasco over his production company's filming of nephew William at university, in breach of the media's good conduct code, is only the latest in a long line of embarrassments, stretching back to the disastrous It's A Royal Knockout. The imaginative worlds of theatre and film are noted stomping grounds for Pisceans, but Edward has found the wrong role and the wrong vehicle in Ardent Productions (December 4 1992). Its horizon falls on the Prince's Mercury, bringing out the worst of his muddled thinking. Like many Pisceans, Edward is impressionable, lacking firm boundaries, and in need of something or someone to be an anchor: "Like a rudderless boat he drifts on a sea of sensations, caught by every passing current, driven by every wind that blows" (Isabelle Pagan).

Pisceans often find their direction through a marriage partner, but so far, with her own gullible ambition, Sophie has not provided the safe harbour that this poor fish needs. Yet all is not lost. This is the sign of the Redeemer, and it is at its best when it can sacrifice itself to a good cause. But first, this redeemer needs to be redeemed, and the astrology makes one possible resolution abundantly clear. Despite years of bad water under their bridges, there are strong and enduring connections between the horoscopes of Edward and his Scorpio big brother. Charles' Venus is right on Edward's Libran Ascendant, and as a youngster, Edward doted on the older boy. Venus is capable of restoring a real affection that was blown away in the emotional maelstrom of Diana. Charles knows the royal score, and if he could bend and give a little, he would know how to coax Edward out of his aimless Piscean fog.

So Edward must accept his limitations, drop the dream of business, and get into a right royal role. He can stick to the arts and entertainment, but make an Ann-style move towards charity and patronage. He is likely to fudge by for the next couple of years, periodically surfacing in unfavourable press coverage. Neptune passing over his Moon between March 2002 and January 2003 brings a risk of scandal, but time and the stars are on his side. The clouds could clear by 2004 when he may at last find a new, more substantial part to play, and be his own man.

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