Media Medium
1 November 2000


Bright Spark to Jump-Start

The fiery James Herring, soon to depart Avalon PR,
will find the mysterious iballs Media a different kettle of fish

James Herring, whizzkid on the TV and showbusiness circuit, is working out his notice at PR agency Avalon and moving on to iballs Media as its commercial director.

Herring is a pioneering Aries Ram (March 29 1969) and thrives on new challenges and fresh conquests. He is a fireball with five out of ten planets in fire signs, including the Moon in theatrical Leo. Fire has to be its own boss and do its own thing, and its strength lie in its enthusiasm, leadership and jouissance. At its best fire is generous and inspires confidence. At worst, it is self-centred, consumes everything in its path, and has serious burn-out potential.

Aries can seem like an open book but Herring has some deeply concealed footnotes. A Scorpio side to his horoscope gives him an uncanny ability to spin, intrigue and pull people into a story - a talent he used to great effect with Big Brother's Nasty Nick (Scorpio, November 3 1967).

Like Herring, Avalon (April 11 1988) is also an Aries so it suited him well, but in moving to iballs, the new-media production and marketing company, he will encounter a different kettle of fish. Herring has no planets in earth and will have to cope with a strong earthy set-up at iballs. Of the three earth signs, iballs Media (August 23 2000) is a Virgo and founders Richard Kilgarriff and Tony Greenham are Capricorn and Taurus. Kilgarriff's fast-track Aries Moon gives him and Herring a laddish connection, but practical, money-minded earth matters take precedence. Herring is quite capable of handling the nitty- gritty of practical planning but budgets and strategies are a yawn for the fire temperament, and too much earth smothers its passion. Herring's talent works best when he is dealing with an individual star or personality, rather than the "commercial space between people" which iballs intends to exploit.

iballs is launching on 22 November although what exactly is being launched is still a mystery. Saturn's influence gives it a slow start but hopefully, Herring's panache will provide some much needed poke. His horoscope doesn't show a career move until next March, so expect twists and turns before iballs and Herring sort out the space between them.

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