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2 April 2001


Boom time for Bob?

He has been transmogrified from Bob of Boomtown Rats
via Sir Bob of Band Aid to Bob the Businessman.
So where will Bob Geldof's trajectory take him now?

With last week's sale of, Bob Geldof earned himself half a million and a 3-year contract at 100,000 pounds a year to stay involved. Two years ago, when he sold his production company, Planet 24, to Carlton, he bagged a cool five million. He has been transmogrified from Bob of Boomtown Rats, to Sir Bob of Bandaid, to Bob the Businessman. So where will his trajectory take him now?

As an airy Libran (October 5 1951, 2pm20, Dublin) Geldof gets a buzz from ideas, always moving the goalposts in the light of his latest notion. The Libran Scales weigh the pros and cons, and if he is like most Librans, he'll usually have some BIG SCHEME or other pending. His life is probably one (in)decision after another, which could be rather wearing to live with. He says of himself that "everything I do is because I'm frightened of being bored", and his restless energy shows in the lack of fixity in his horoscope. It is all cardinal and mutable signs, forever moving and doing but lacking the patient ability to see things through over the long term.

Popular astrology often gets Libra wrong and and confuses its balancing act with acquiescence, but Geldof is no more a sit-on- the-fence dreamer than fellow Librans Thatcher, Genghis Khan and John Lennon. Once this air sign gets the wind in its sails it can become a gale. Geldof's angry power blazes away, like all Librans when in their eyes the playing field isn't level or an injustice is being done. Way back in 1985, Geldof used this marvellous force to galvanise the music industry into Live Aid, and this is where the great Libran gift of persuasion came fully into play, persuading musicians to work as a team and persuading the public to cough up.

But don't be fooled into thinking Libra persuasion has to be gentle - its logic can be so demanding that if you don't agree with them, they show complete disdain. Librans come under the planet Venus, and with both Venus and Mars in the critical sign of Virgo, Geldof does not tolerate fools gladly: "You can take people apart, but you're not too hot at putting them together again. They sense that you're rating them on a scale of one to ten in a dozen different categories. Learn to describe a thing without the windy criticism." (Debbi Kempton-Smith)

It is not a very 'personal' horoscope, nor is it introspective, yet like all Librans Geldof's life is defined in terms of his relationships. His high-profile marriage to Paula Yates, and the tragic ending for Paula and her lover Michael Hutchens, is shown by poignant symbolism in Geldof's horoscope as the melancholy weight of Saturn progressed onto his Libra Sun.

As well as a marriage partner, Librans need business partners, too. It is an astrological truism that they should never do anything alone because they need someone earthy and practical who can make ideas work in the real world of bricks and cash and mortar. In recent years, Geldof's business partners - Waheed Alli and Charlie Parsons at Planet 24, James Page at Eidos - have proved fruitful and his contribution to the success of these ventures has been through his initiative and his ability to play the charismatic front man.

Currently, 10 Alps Broadcasting, he is still wearing his businessman's hat, but what happened to the music? With the personal tragedies behind him, selling is Geldof's way of starting to clear the decks. It is a signal that he is about to move into a new horizon. We can only speculate on what this might be, but with Mars progressing into Libra this June, and his partner point coming to Mars in August, a significant new business relationship could be forged. Since Mars was prominent, too, at the time of Live Aid, more good things are still to come from Geldof's Martian anger and Libran outrage.

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