Media Medium
3 July 2001


Burnt by the Sun

As the Daily Star moved into his orbit, the Sun's editor locked
horns with fellow Wapping bull, Garry Bushell, who has become
something of a hell-raiser. But the Taurean TV critic would
be well advised to cool down and think of his future.

With Garry Bushell's sacking over the serialisation of his novel by The Daily Star, all hell has broken loose at The Sun.

After sixteen years as the paper's TV critic, Bushell (May 13 1955) has proved his solid Taurean stickability, and with a birthday only one day away from editor David Yelland (May 14 1963), these two Wapping Bulls ought to plod along well enough together. Generally placid and amiable, it takes a lot to arouse the Bull's bad temper but when it flares, it is destructive, stubborn and unrelenting.

The most obvious culprit for the rift in Bushell's horoscope is the macho war planet Mars, placed in the communicative air sign of the Gemini Twins, which he used to let rip through the punchy style of his column. His views might be ultra-tabloid and crude right-wing but this airy Mars has sharp writing skill and is good at puncturing balloons. Mars is also intentional and wilful. Bushell has been spoiling for a fight and his attempt to ride two tabloids is only the latest instance of a campaign to goad and needle his boss. His reported remarks about Yelland's "Sleepy Hollow" regime at the Sun were calculated to wound and to stick, and they have. He evokes the good old days of The Sun under Kelvin MacKenzie which, he claims, were like "Dante's Inferno". How ironic, then, that instead of his book, The Sun chose to serialise Richard Littlejohn's novel, "To Hell In A Handcart".

The hellish imagery bubbling to the surface reflects a dominant theme running through the astrology of Bushell, Yelland and The Sun. This centres on Pluto-Hades, the mythical Lord of the Underworld, so no wonder it has attached itself to Bushell's lurid gangster novel. The current furore is more than just a publicity stunt for a new book. Bushell has decided to become a hell-raiser.

Despite their Taurean similarity, the locking of horns between the two men centres on a connection of Mars and Pluto, a vicious power struggle over underlying issues that have not yet seen the light of day. Pluto is a purging planet of transformation and upheaval and the sacking is an indication of things to come. When Yelland sacked Bushell on June 22, it coincided with his own horoscope taking a wallop from progressed Mars on Pluto. In addition, the tabloid's horoscope has its astrological Sun stymied by Pluto this summer (exact on July 13), all of which points to trouble for the paper in the second half of this year, especially in November for Yelland (see Media Medium horoscope March 16).

As to Bushell's future, he'll be running on manic Martian energy for the rest of the year, but when Saturn clocks his Mercury at the end of July and again in November, he is best advised to cool off, keep quiet and plan a rational future strategy. He does have a lot of irons in his fire this autumn but they may not be with Desmond's Express.

Issues around the sacking will probably rumble on until Bushell's Mars moves on at the end of August, but more important is the chasm which is opening up at The Sun as Pluto is let out of the bag. Yelland's slow culture change, his move to more political savvy and social awareness, is leaving some of the old stalwarts behind.

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