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3 December 2001


A Libran scorned

There seems to be something about Libran women that attracts controversy and Kate Winslet (October 5 1975) is no exception, given her recent spat with the Mirror about a supposedly exclusive interview concerning her marriage. Kate is a double Libran lady, with both her Sun and Moon in this sign of relationships, and if there is one thing she reckons she holds exclusive rights on, it's her marriage and her men. So Piers Morgan at the Mirror should watch it. He may be a combative Aries Ram, but he would be wise to steer clear of a war with a Libran female over her love-life.

Kate has the classic beauty and persuasive, charismatic charm of Libra, with all its cool-headedness and detachment, but unlike some go-with-the-flow Librans, she is hugely independent. She left home in her early teens, has refused to have her beauty defined as a size 8, and is often willing to defy authority and convention. This comes from an exact square of paternalistic Saturn and rebellious Uranus in her horoscope. Astrologers say that people with this combination "experience internal conflict as to whether to take a firm anti-establishment, progressive and radical line or whether to respect authority, tradition and that which has stood the test of time. Somehow the individual has to integrate both ends of the spectrum" (Sue Tompkins, Aspects In Astrology).

There are other peculiarities in Kate's horoscope, too. Underworld Pluto, right next to her Libran Sun, is on a fixed star called Vindemiatrix, known as the 'star of widowhood'. This suggests a mysterious shadowing of life and art, love and death. Her first love was a young man she met when she was fifteen, Stephen Tredre, with whom she had a five-year relationship. He was diagnosed with cancer at the time they split up. Two years later, she missed the Los Angeles premiere of Titanic to be at his final farewell, and her epic performance in the film plays the same love and death theme.

Her character Rose also reflects the rebellious Saturn-Uranus streak which is part of Kate's own psychic make-up.

Titanic's enormous success is shown by striking symbolism in her horoscope, and 1997, the year of its release, was an absolutely peak year for her as the Sun triggered Saturn and Uranus. There is nothing to match it for at least three more years. Librans often like to take a sabbatical and at 26, given what she has achieved in her career so far, Kate has time on her side. She would do her career and herself no harm now by indulging in her more laid-back Libran qualities, making the most of bringing up baby, being with her new partner, and simply enjoying the good things in life. Her next major astrological development comes with her twenty-nine year Saturn cycle, and we will probably have to wait for her to sail round this potential iceberg before she reignites her big career ambitions.

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