Media Medium
4 January 2001


A year of two halves

You may feel good about the new year, but watch out: six months of optimism
will be followed by six months of gloom and doom, especially for the
media industries.

2001 is a schizophrenic year, especially for the media and publishing signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. The first six months under Jupiter's influence bring a mood of expansion when all things seem possible, while the last six are dominated by doubts and brick-wall Saturn. A turning point for over-optimistic projects is 5 May when Jupiter opposes Pluto, followed by a shake-out when Saturn opposes Pluto on both 5 August and 2 November. Clock these dates into your diary now! This looks like a serious tightening of the belt for media, publishing and telecoms, more so than other sectors. Expect poor sales, low advertising revenue, high paper prices, bad news for mobile phones and the failure of at least one established media institution. So - Happy New Year. Sorry about the gloom and doom. Have your fun before the summer, and batten down the hatches after mid-July.


21 March - 20 April
With Mars in adventurous Sagittarius from Valentine's Day until September, you're a restless soul, breaking all the rules in your search for a new way of doing things. As far as you're concerned: The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction - William Blake, "Proverbs of Hell", The Marriage Of Heaven and Hell (1790).

21 April - 20 May
Venus in your House of Seclusion leads to much soul-searching from February until June, but the fresh start you're looking for comes from a source you least expect. So remember: All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning - Albert Camus, "An Absurd Reasoning", The Myth Of Sisyphus (1942).

21 May - 20 June
Jupiter, planet of optimism, is in your sign until July, but doubtful Saturn moves there, too, on 24 April. If you feel suspended between success and failure, remember: People are always neglecting something they can do in trying to do something they can't - Edgar Watson Howe, Country Town Sayings (1911).

21 June - 22 July
The Moon's eclipse on 9 January, and the Sun's eclipse on 21 June, fall in your sign, putting you in the dark. But: Our doubts are traitors And make us lose the good we oft might win By fearing to attempt. - Shakespeare, Measure for Measure (1604-05).

23 July - 22 August
Mars, the warrior planet, makes you bold. Friends seem disloyal when they try to hold you back, but if you believe in something, go all out for it: I don't meet competition. I crush it - Charles Revson in Fisk & Barron's Great Business Quotations (1985).

23 August - 22 September
Visionary Jupiter triggers inspirational Neptune in your career and work sectors, and it's time to aim high and focus on the bigger picture. Listen up: Hear ye not the hum of mighty workings? - Keats, Sonnet No.XIV

23 September - 22 October
Venus has the hots in your House of Love from February to June, making you giddy, impatient and naive. So with this in mind: Do not let any sweet-talking woman beguile your good sense with the fascinations of her shape. It's your barn she's after - Hesiod, Works And Days (8th c. B.C.).

23 October - 22 November
Financial wrangles are dominant as you free yourself from situations which bind you in and hold you back. Money talks, they say. All it ever said to me was 'good-bye' - Cary Grant in H.Haun, The Movie Quote Book.

23 November - 22 December
Jupiter's opposition to Pluto on 6 May puts you in the hot seat in your love-life and with your co-workers. Do things your way: Never explain. Your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway - Elbert Hubbard, The Note Book (1927).

23 December - 20 January
Saturn and Neptune bring out the workaholic in you, especially in June, but put your good where it does the most, and get clear about what you truly value. I owe much; I have nothing: the rest I leave to the poor - Rabelais (his last words) (1553).

21 January - 19 February
Inventive Uranus and idealistic Neptune shine through all your creative projects, but be more realistic if you aspire to bigger and better. Still bent to make some port he knows not where, Still standing for some false impossible shore - Matthew Arnold, A Summer Night.

20 February - 20 March
Your planets, Jupiter and Neptune, are in perfect harmony on 5 April, making for a minor miracle as a secret dream comes true. Property matters are high on your agenda, and so is a situation at home: Fish and guests smell at three days old - Danish proverb.

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