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6 June 2001


The Peaks and Troughs of a Charmed Life

Will news presenter Fiona Bruce's realise her long-term ambition of
becoming the main anchor for BBC news? Her horoscope suggests not
in the near future.

Fiona Bruce has been regaling us with her long-term ambitions, which include ousting Huw Edwards as main presenter of the BBC six o'clock news, so what cosmic provocation lies behind her revelations?

As a Taurean (April 25 1964), Fiona has all the steady and determined qualities of the Bull, a persistence which usually gets its own way in the end. Her plans to be at the top of the tree show that she is coming off her Terminator Taurus energy, that indestructible force which just keeps going no matter what you throw at it. Not that she has had to surmount too many obstacles. Her horoscope is blessed with lucky, protective Jupiter next to her Sun, giving her supreme self-confidence and presenting her with a benevolent universe wherever she goes. Astrologers wax eloquent about this combination. It is reckoned to be " a potent, benefic influence, second to none" (Charles Carter), and it shows a person to be " honourable, humane, benevolent, sympathetic, kind, philanthropic, charitable, generous, sincere, frank, candid, hopeful, social, genial, popular, executive, reliable, honest and fond of sports. Indicates influential friends and assistance or benefit through them". (Llewellyn George).

So well done, Fiona! Isn't she the lucky one. Pluto, a planet of depth and hidden potential, comes into this pattern and this has been triggered over the last three years, bringing her to prominence both as a news presenter and following Jill Dando on Crimewatch. The books also tell us that " typically, Jupiter- Pluto wants to do something very big ... it will often believe that anything is possible, that whatever is wanted in life is obtainable if only one can set one's mind to it". (Sue Tompkins).

Her frank attack on her rival female presenters at ITN shows another side of the horoscope. This is the 'hungry woman' streak, symbolised by the Moon's opposition to Mars, and it is where she will always hit trouble. It is instinctively aggressive when it doesn't need to be, an agitated, unpeaceful, are-you-looking-at- me-mate quality, picking a fight. With her punchy Mars pitted against a diplomatic Libran Moon, she can be sweetie-pie one minute, tigress the next. This is the primitive, killer combination behind her criticisms of her female peers, with Fiona showing her claws when she doesn't need to.

Her current buoyant style still reflects optimistic Jupiter energy, but career-wise this has peaked for now and her planets are about to lie low. This suggests that Fiona's own intuitive sense of timing, with her talk of a five-year game-plan, is spot- on. Now five months pregnant, her horoscope shows a long period of adjustment after the birth, and both the joy and challenges of being a mother could be greater than she has imagined. The downside of jolly, expansive Jupiter is several inches on the hips, and as a body-conscious Taurus, Fiona could spend the next few years terrified of ballooning gently at a tranquil pace. It's not until mid 2004 that her horoscope gets perky and provocative again, and if she wants to go for the plum job, she had better be patient and plan for the spring of 2007 when femininist Venus triggers her Sun. A lot of water is going to flow under the bridge before then, but none of it is likely to wash away this earthy, enduring Taurean.

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