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9 February 2001


Martin Clunes Re-aligns His MoJo

Martin Clunes's coffee advert may try to lay to rest his Man Behaving Badly
persona, but it will take more than a soothing mug of Nescafe to alter his
horsey Sagittarian style.

Martin Clunes' current coffee ad may try to lay to rest his Man Behaving Badly persona but it will take more than a soothing mug of Nescafe to alter his horsy Sagittarian style.

Clune's horoscope (November 28 1961) shows the Sagittarian Archer at his best, a good-natured, larger-than-life character, an inherently funny clown who can bellow and fart and laugh at himself, like fellow Sagittarian, Billy Connolly. Clunes also has macho Mars in this sign, bringing out the lustful drives of the Centaur, and this planet is most associated with Clune's acting success.

In private, he's a proud Dad and a dab hand at DIY, and since the success of Men Behaving Badly in the early nineties, Clunes has shot various Sagittarian arrows towards serious acting and directing in an attempt to escape the lager-lout image. A strong touch of classic Capricorn in his horoscope no doubt gives him yearnings for something more substantial, but even in Shakespeare In Love, it's the large codpiece we remember, and his 1999 drama Sex N'Death brought together the raunchy and the religious side of Sagittarius with images of female sectarian mud wrestling and a mock crucifixion.

In Clune's horoscope the bad-lad shows as a close square of Mars to defiant Pluto. This often indicates "someone not at all in touch with the effect they have on others" and "there is often a wide discrepancy between how they experience themselves and how they come across to others. This discrepancy creates havoc in all their relating." (Love & Sexuality, Babs Kirby & Janey Stubbs). Whatever aspirations Clunes may have for a change of image, he is still lumbered with Men Behaving Badly, and even the coffee ad plays on the same theme. This year, progressed Mars and Pluto are bringing the Bad Lad back again. It is magical totem, the secret of his power, and rather than trying to suppress it, he should run with it and make further provocative attempts to re- align his MoJo.

P.S. What exactly IS a MOJO?

(a) a magic charm, spell or influence.

(b) any un-named object: a thingummy. The word can be used for anything but is characteristically employed for sex organs or drugs.

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