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10 January 2002


Climb every mountain

Danny Kelly has picked the right time to quit 365 Corporation,
the online venture he co-founded. An ambitious Capricorn
goat, he is always striving for new peaks to conquer

Free at last! On occasion, he may be a gloomy Capricorn Goat but Danny Kelly (December 23 1956) should put out the bunting to celebrate his release from an increasingly impossible position at 365 Corporation. His achievements in on-line quality content and publishing are former glories now that shares in the company he co-founded have slumped to 5.25p from a high of 160p. That's bad enough, but after 365's recent merger with Rivals, it is ditching a commitment to content in favour of being a telecoms service provider, and it's time for co-founder Kelly to go. But go where?

For an ambitious Capricorn, there's always another mountain to climb and they waste no time on regrets or revenge. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, which means it always initiates and moves on, and with a huge dose of fire in a 'kite' configuration in his horoscope providing imaginative fuel, he has probably already set other armies marching.

Being part of a team is far more important for him than most Capricorns, who are often rather solitary figures, but with Jupiter strong, Kelly should find "friendship, companionship, and popularity through association with others. [He] should have many friends and be a person well known and esteemed in [his] own circle, and [he] may perhaps attract public notice and gain some degree of prominence beyond the ordinary" (Alan Leo, Key To Your Own Nativity).

Kelly's horoscope reveals an intriguing mix of peaks and vales, highs and lows. The optimistic Jupiter is in a fabulous line-up with sociable Venus, a civilised, persuasive and somewhat urbane combination which easily outweighs Capricorn's natural cynicism and negativity. These benefic planets indicate his passion for sport and music, and a predilection for the good things in life, although whether the football chat show he has just signed up for with Radio Five finally matches their glorious potential is open to question. However, they plug in well to the BBC's horoscope (Corporation, January 1 1927), and he might feel more at home there than he imagines.

On the downside, someone with this combination needs to watch the tendency to be willing to please, as "there can be a desire to be all things to all people in order to avoid discord or gain approval; if carried too far this attitude may lead to double standards on many issues ...the person may promise more than can be delivered. (Sakoian & Acker, The Astrologer's Handbook).

Like many other cyberspace ventures, 365 certainly promised more than it could finally deliver. But you can't keep a good Jupiter down, and 2002 could be a bumper year when Kelly gets back into being a good-time guy and rekindles his talents through new horizons and new partnerships. He might also find that more traditional forms of publishing offer as much scope as the hi- tech arenas. Yet despite doors opening, 2002 does not provide the mountain top that this goat aspires to, and the climb could be tougher than he thinks in 2003. But Capricorn revels in a long time-scale and Kelly will have no trouble tacking and trimming until 2005, a year in which he can really fly that kite.

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