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10 September 2001


Will Davies hit his BBC target?

Gavyn Davies might covet the role of BBC chairman, but is this the
right time for the sensitive Sagittarian to take what he wants?

Will he get the job? As the current deputy-chair, Gavyn Davies (November 27 1950) is a star candidate to become chairman of the BBC. He covets the role, and from the astrology he is a near- perfect match for the Incorporation (January 1 1927). This could be a marriage made in heaven, with Davies' Sagittarian Sun in the exact degree of the BBC's Moon. Big-picture Sagittarius has always been associated with publishing and broadcasting, and it also has a go-for-the-freebies approach which thinks that everyone owes it lunch; Davies' belief in the public service ethos and his previous work at the BBC have resulted in its biggest-ever handout of license fee funds.

However, the fiery, charismatic, risk-taking quality of the Sagittarian Archer doesn't come across in the downbeat persona of this economics guru. His public image reflects his security- conscious and sensitive Cancerian Moon - he cried openly when Kinnock lost in 1992 - coupled with a steely Mars in Capricorn ambition.

There are worries about the charge of cronyism if he is appointed, given his close friendship with Gordon Brown, but it must look to Davies as if everything is in place for his next smooth step up the ladder. He IS the right man in the right place, but it's puzzling that his horoscope suggests this isn't quite the right time, and he could be in for a surprise. It's a close one to call as Davies is at the beginning of a big change, but this autumn, the spotlight on his horoscope and the BBC's falls on a Jupiter-Uranus connection. Astrologer Robert Hand says of this:

" surprises and sudden opportunities .. you may throw over all kinds of responsibilities and try to recapture your lost youth ...a sudden broadening of the scope of your life and the opportunity to encounter life from a new, richer and broader perspective."

This hardly sounds like the mantle of BBC chairmanship, and although the connection arouses idealism and the urge to work for social reform and change, the symbolism is more suggestive of Davies having to go through a radical rethink and a change of course. In fact, the very thing he has achieved with the license fee could ironically count against him if a vigorously commercial BBC with a strong public service ethos is not the real priority at the ambivalent core of government thinking.

So don't eat your heart out, Gavyn. As his horoscope unfolds in coming years, it's clear he has even bigger and better fish to fry, especially from 2005 onwards. Not getting this job could be a blessing in disguise.

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