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11 April 2001


New dawn breaks for Capricorn Corley

Three years after quitting ITV, and after a stint at Border TV,
Paul Corley's new role at GMTV makes him a big player again. Since
status matters so much to the ambitious Goat, he must be relieved his
time on the borders is over.

With his dramatic return to mainstream television as managing director for GMTV, Paul Corley is back where any decent Capricorn belongs - at the top of the mountain, surveying the terrain beneath him. Three years after quitting ITV, and after a long stint at Border TV which ended last summer, Corley's new executive role makes him a big player again. Since status matters so much to the ambitious Goat, Corley must be relieved that his time on the borders is over.

Capricorn is instinctively conventional and conservative, a city suit and gentleman's club sign, and Corley's horoscope (December 23 1950) has all the pragmatism, management skills and sense of fair play - a decent bloke to do business with. It lacks risk-taking fire and he probably baulks at individualists and outsider ideas, but this makes him one of the grown-ups, a father-figure who gets things done and can be relied on in the real world, with minimum of fuss. Corley has a cute Gemini Moon, so his sharp thinking makes him more streetwise and versatile than most Capricorns, and this Capricorn-Gemini combination is as good as it gets for media management. He may not turn people on through panache and charisma, but his safe pair of hands should not be underestimated.

His successful come-back looks like a combination of lucky Jupiter, good karma and good friends. His astrological links with GMTV are exceptional. This company is an Aquarian (January 29 1991) but it also has strong Capricorn in its horoscope and shares with Corley the identical degree in Capricorn of Mercury, planet of communication. It is ideal for strategic thinking about the company's long-term future.

There is, however, a more ambivalent pattern connecting the horoscopes to do with Pluto, the transformative planet which symbolises the cycle of 'death and rebirth'. This over-shadowed his departure from centre stage between September 97 to 99, and good-morning GMTV represents a return from the Shades of Hades/Pluto. Ironically, just as his new dawn breaks, next year GMTV's horoscope is heading to the twilight zone with the very same Sun-Pluto contacts. It may be about to undergo a lack-lustre phase in mid-2002, and some may think, rather unfairly, that the boss has brought it with him. Hopefully, Capricorn Corley will turn out to be the rock-solid anchor that GMTV needs as it goes through its own cycle of regeneration and change.

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