Media Medium
13 February 2002


Relight my fire

Siobhan Kenny is a cool-headed Libran spin doctor but her
return to the political arena - to revitalise Tessa Jowell's
immage - could spark fireworks

After two years as head of communications at NatMags, Siobhan Kenny is returning to the political arena as director of strategy and communications at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Her short time at NatMags was something of an astrological mid- life crisis, brought about by Uranus, an outsider planet, urging her to live dangerously, experiment and do something different. Clearly, Good Housekeeping didn't quite fit the bill.

Since Kenny has spent most of her working life on the political communications stage, first for John Major and later for Tony Blair, all the signs are that she is back where she belongs. Now she is turning her considerable talents to revamping Tessa Jowell's lack-lustre image, in time for what promises to be a high profile phase as the new communications bill comes before parliament.

As a Libran with a strong dose of Scorpio, Kenny knows all about the gentle and not-so-gentle arts of persuasion. She follows in the classic line of Libran spin doctors - think of Peter Mandelson - especially since her Mercury, the planet of communications, is in manipulative, master-minding Scorpio. This links with subtle Neptune, giving Kenny a talent for hidden agendas and propaganda, "an influence which is very helpful to a journalist, for the delicacy of touch enables the native to feel the pulse of the public very successfully...(it) infiltrates the public mind, and, some would say, sometimes very successfully debauches it." (Charles Carter, Astrological Aspects).

Kenny's horoscope shows a bundle of contradictions. The Libran Sun, naturally concerned with fair play and a level playing field, combines with warlike Mars to give her a real edge in a man's world. Rational and cool-headed, she can be upfront and direct, but never personal. Strategy and the idea of a thing matter more than the touchy-feely human dimension. Like many Librans, her Scales swing high and low, and despite her cool- headedness, she has a bunch of fiery, enthusiastic and impatient planets which come into play when she thinks action is overdue. Fire makes its mark with panache and flare, and she is often prepared to risk a colourful strategy, rather than a safe bet. Sad to say, this is not likely to go down well with be-cautious Ms Virgo, Tessa Jowell.

The two womens' horoscopes don't do much for each other, so despite mutual respect, Kenny would be advised not to tie her future too closely to Tessa Jowell or the DCMS. Her move out of NatMags was well-timed, as the recession in media and advertising is due to worsen and won't bottom out until Saturn makes its third and final opposition to Pluto on 26 May, and even then recovery will be slow. NatMags could have become a dead end for Kenny, although it's not clear from the astrology that she will settle down at the DCMS, either. Librans are famous for moving the goalposts and she could surprise us with a further unpredictable leap in early June or November when Uranus does a volte face in her horoscope, yet again.

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