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21 September 2000


Future's bright for Elisabeth Murdoch

By leaving Sky, Elisabeth Murdoch has broken her father's spell.

After her departure from BskyB, her recent appointment on the board of Future Network, and promises of a new production company when her baby has arrived, how are things shaping up for Elisabeth Murdoch? And what place will she have in her father's empire?

Born on August 22 1968, she is a Leo with her sun on the royal star Regulus, and like all Leos, she has to be boss. Her four- year stint at BSkyB coincided with forceful Mars crossing her Sun. As MD, this was her chance to show her Leo leadership skills, but it was marred by crossed swords with consecutive CEOs.

Her horoscope shows a quieter phase as her Sun progresses into Libra, the sign of partnership, and hubby Matthew Freud must have a lot to do with this. Her non-executive position at Future Network (April 22 1999) is a catch for this company, with its Sagittarian Ascendant plugging into the current media revolution initiated by the Jupiter-Pluto opposition. But Elisabeth has no obvious astrological connection here, and Future Network is unlikely to be a primary vehicle for her.

With a strong Leo-Virgo combination in her horoscope, everything Elisabeth does is well planned. Her hopes for her own production company are expressed in true Leo style "I would like to be my own boss, I would like to pick my own team ... do my own thing, pursue my own opportunities, create my own culture and control my destiny". Not knowing her birthtime, but based on the planets for her day of birth, her horoscope shows networking but little extrovert activity in the next two years. It isn't until June 2003 that it reflects her creative aspirations. Venus makes wonderful connections then to her Leo Sun, and we may at last see a major project that is truly hers.

So what of her place in the Murdoch empire? She is a different spirit to her father. In contrast to his fishy Pisces, Elisabeth has no water, and no air either. With mainly opposition contacts between their charts, they have conflicting goals and attitudes, and she must find it impossible to pin him down. Her Venus and Pluto oppose his Sun and Mercury, hinting at the Persephone myth. The beautiful daughter Persephone was pulled down into the underworld (Pluto/Hades), and she lost sight of the sky. Elisabeth's loss of Sky is the point of no return for her, too. She has broken her father's spell and shaken off the burden of being Murdoch's daughter, leaving the field clear for her brothers. When she resurfaces, it must be in her own light.

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