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22 January 2002


In a league of his own

Brian Park's stars suggest the producer of Bad Girls and
Footballer's Wives will score some controversial goals
in the months ahead

Brian Park, producer at Shed Productions, has said that Footballers' Wives is 'unashamedly populist', so has he managed to repeat his Bad Girls winning run?

The first show (9:00pm, 8 January 2002) has all the marks of addictive television, with Neptune, a planet of celebrity and glamour, strongly placed. Yet for continued popularity we need a good Moon, and this show doesn't quite have it, so the tail-off of viewing figures in the second week is probably a sign of things to come. Its Moon is in Scorpio, the sign of its fall, with a naughty reputation amongst the old astrologers: 'They are sottish and vulgar, malicious, brutish, and treacherous: and if it be a female, she is generally infamous in her desires, and if afflicted, she is openly scandalous' (Zadkiel, An Introduction to Astrology)- sounds a tad like Footballers' Wives.

This reflects the bums, tits and poisonous twists in the story- line, but ultimately it's not enough, and with no fire in the programme's horoscope, it lacks real warmth and entertainment value. All of which brings us to the significant resonances with Brian Park's own horoscope (28 November 1954). Despite being an entrepreneurial and adventurous Sagittarian, Park is seething with watery, passionate and intense Scorpio. Both of his feminine planets have dodgy zodiac placings, with slinky Venus in Scorpio and a hard Capricorn Moon. In love and in life, here's a guy who finds bad girls everywhere and can't leave them alone. Another big planetary player in his horoscope is shock-tactics Uranus, and this February and March, we can expect unpredictable twists and turns both for Park personally and for the programme, possibly sparking off a touch of public outrage.

The strong Scorpio in his horoscope gives Park a sure-fire recipe for flash with trash and for dramatising low life, so it is easy for him to get hooked on the fallen females formula, but this is not the best of him. He has the chance to open other doors and play a stronger and more upbeat hand, and with singular Mars thrusting through into Aries at the end of the year, Park could strike out in a surprising new direction. He also has a fabulous conjunction of colourful, liberating Jupiter with alternative, on-the-edge Uranus. This suggests an imagination which needs to run free on a bigger scale, perhaps involving an overseas operation, and coming into its own between 2005 and 2008. When it does, Brian Park could surprise us all and and become unashamedly visionary.

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