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30 May 2001


Living On The Edge

Advertising supremo Frank Lowe, founder and chairman of the Lowe Group,
has recently stepped down from the day-to-day running of Lowe Lintas.
He is tipped to head a new Interpublic venture, the Partnership,
so is this a good move - and how does it show in his stars?

Advertising supremo Frank Lowe, founder and Chairman of The Lowe Group, has recently stood down from the day-to-day running of Lowe Lintas, part of the Interpublic USA advertising conglomerate. He is tipped to head a new Interpublic venture, The Partnership, so is this a good move, and how does it show in his stars?

Lowe's horoscope is intriguing because everything about the astrology and the man is, literally, on a creative edge. He is a truly cuspal creature (August 23 1941) and without knowing his exact hour of birth, it's a toss-up whether he is Leo or Virgo (born before 2pm17 BST makes him Leo, after that he's a Virgo). His achievements point to a morning birth and leadership Leo, putting his Sun on Regulus, the dynamic and courageous royal star at the heart of the Leo constellation. But lionheart Lowe also has a dose of modest Virgo, including his Moon, and it is this edgy combination of Leo-Virgo that shows the master of his craft, meticulous and analytical, albeit high-handed, dictatorial and tongue-in-cheek. A perfectionist and hard worker, he aims for impeccable professional service with a taste for the good times thrown in, too.

His whole approach is summed up by the iconoclastic conjunction of Saturn and Uranus, dominant in his horoscope. Saturn, the pragmatic, time-serving planet of tradition and structure, gives Lowe an ability to build and organise, but when unpredictable Uranus takes hold, he can flip into his outsider, rebel mode which endows him with a touch of innovative genius. Individuals with this Saturn-Uranus combination are " rarely concerned to please the conventional-minded. They are as a rule democratic in spirit, though autocratic in method " (Charles Carter).

This on-the-borders aspect is good for advertising, giving Lowe "the capacity to conceive of an idea and work with it as though it has as much substance and as much reality as a concrete object .. (it) touches the world of magic and metaphysics where thought is reality and the power to concentrate on an idea is connected with power over material life" (Liz Greene).

Lowe says he now wants to spend more time with clients and creative advertising, a decision which comes at the crossroads of his second Saturn cycle, completed this spring. It is a time of life to take stock, get rid of the dead wood of past initiatives and reconnect with ambitions he abandoned on his first Saturn cycle twenty-nine years ago. The symbolism suggests that Interpublic's corporate reorganisation may be a useful catalyst for change, but the drive underlying Lowe's move is his own recent frustration and a need to touch base with his old magic again.

So what new territory is he entering? In his horoscope, bold Mars and passionate Venus couple in the fire signs later this year, so we can expect The Partnership to be sexy and pioneering, attracting young, exuberant energy. Lowe is up for a creative thrust, but he can't afford to waste time. His long love affair with advertising could be on the wane as Scorpio influences take over at the end of 2002, although he won't want slippers and cocoa then. With alternative interests to explore, he could ditch the suit and pitch for a project he thought he'd left behind many moons ago.

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